AzETA implemented PRELIM project between January – April 2022. The PRELIM project delivered an online English language improvement course for 20 AzETA members.

PRELIM courses were designed, developed, and delivered by Professional Language Solutions Ltd (PLS), a UK based language centre.

The PRELIM project was funded by the British Council and delivered in partnership with IATEFL and English UK.

The project was implemented in 20 different countries in collaboration with English Teachers’ Associations. Leaders of the TAs met via Zoom to share experiences on the project and discuss challenges and find solutions together.

AzETA PRELIM course offered by PLS comprised of three core components: e-learning modules, live zoom workshops and a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).

  1. Elearning modules – based on a flipped classroom approach the e-learning modules provided the core content for teachers to flexibly study around their professional and personal commitments prior to live workshops. These modules were focused on demonstrating the principles of communicative language teaching methodology, provide English for use in the classroom setting and also provide lots of practical activities and games usable in a wide range of English teaching contexts.

The 11 modules were:

– Teaching Online

– Learner-centred classroom

– Giving Instructions

– Error Correction

– Lesson Planning

– Teaching Listening

– Teaching Reading

– Teaching Speaking

– Teaching Vocabulary

– Teaching Pronunciation

– Teaching Grammar

E-learning was authored and delivered via Avallain to ensure the best experience for the users whilst also being accessible on mobile devices. All CPs were trained to use the platform and the broader AzETA teachers were given access to materials upon request.

  1. Zoom instructor-led workshops – an introductory session provided IT support and training on how to use Zoom (as well as the e-learning and VLE). Each topic was delivered two times a week (Tuesday and Thursday) to two fixed groups of teachers.  Zoom lessons were recorded and posted on the VLE so all AzETA members could watch.
  2. AzETA Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) – built on Moodle the VLE was designed to develop a community hub for all AzETA members. This was used for a number of activities:

– Introduction to new weekly topics via a selection of warm up tasks such as short videos, interactive activities to engage teachers before starting the e-learning;

– hosting of recordings of teacher-led Zoom sessions;

– follow up activities for each module including links to videos, reading articles and references for further research;

– discussion threads / forums for each topic;

– shared folders for teachers to share resources;

– chat functionality for live communications for the programme.

Most importantly the AzETA VLE was set up on a free to use platform so it could be handed over to selected teachers as an ongoing resource and community hub for the whole AzETA organisation post PRELIM. Four CPs volunteered and were trained to become administrators of the VLE and have now taken on control of the VLE.