AzETA Ganja Branch was established in 2003.

Currently, Ganja Branch is facing an office location problem.

Branch Manager is Humay Adanali.

Teacher Training

Teacher trainers from AzETA Head Office also visit Ganja Branch to train a group of teachers there. All together 4 training sessions were organised in the school year of 2007-2008. The sessions were organised on 12 December 2007, 12 April, 10 May and 7 June 2008. Teacher trainers from AzETA Head Office responsible for the training sessions in Ganja Branch were: Irada Samedova, Samira Sadiqova and Gulchohra Mehdizade

Working with Young Learners

The Branch was included in AzETA English Access Microscholarship Programme from December 2007. 36 school children benefitted from the project in Ganja. The classes were organised in AzETA Ganja Branch Office. The classes were taught by AzETA Ganja Branch members.

Ganja Branch also joined another project of AzETA. With the financial support of the US Embassy, AzETA implemented English Language at American Corners in 5 regions of Azerbaijan, including Ganja. The Project was implemented in 2011 – 2013. 50 students benefited from the Project. The classes were taught by AzETA teachers in these 5 regions. The Project was supported by the Ministry of Education, where the Education Departments of the respective regions were instructed to provide support to the implementation of the Project.

Newly Qualified Teacher Training Project

AzETA joined a regional project on Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT) in 2006 where Teachers’ Associations of Bulgaria, Georgia, Macedonia and Romania are included.

On November 12-13, 2006 a trainer training session was held in Crescent Beach Hotel in Baku by the financial support of the British Council Azerbaijan for the trainers of the Azerbaijan side. 8 selected trainees attended a two-day seminar, including 2 trainees from Ganja.

The aims of the training session were:

1. To raise the trainers’ awareness of the problems of NQTs
2. To develop the trainers’ training skills for teaching NQTs
3. To identify future steps of the Project.

The trainees were observed by the British Council representatives and 6 of them were selected to work in the Project: They were: Amalya Musayeva and myself to train NQTs in Baku Farida Huseynova and Ayna Sadigova for Sumgayit, Khalida Aliyeva and Vafa Maharramova for Ganja

The first training session was held in January 2007 in all 3 project regions, including Ganja. All in all, 6 training sessions have been planned for the purposes of the Project and 5 of them have successfully been organised. The last session was held in March 2008. For more information on the Project, please, visit:

Grand Meeting of Ganja Branch

Pursuant to AzETA Action Plan for 2006-2007, the branches were tasked to organise grand meetings. The aim was to gather all the members of a branch together, to arrange the report of the Branch Management on the work done and to be done, and to update the members on the forthcoming events.

The first such a meeting was held in Ganja Branch on 17 February 2006. The meeting started with the opening welcome of Khalida Aliyeva, Branch Manager. Tarana Aliyeva, AzETA Media Co-ordinator had a warm-up activity to check the members’ knowledge on AzETA. It was very encouraging to see members well-informed about AzETA.

Khalida Aliyeva reported on the work of the Branch and informed about forthcoming events and projects. Ganja Branch is intending to organise a summer camp this year, too, in collaboration with Gene, Peace Corps Volunteer. Gene informed the participants on the new project he implements in AzETA. He has created a video library in Ganja Branch and has produced some materials for using videos in the classroom.

After this presentation the possibility of establishing SIGs in the Branch was discussed. Ragsana Mammadova informed about the SIGs functioning in Baku Branch, talked about the roles and importance of the SIGs within any TA. Then the participants were divided into 4 groups and tasked to establish a SIG and develop an action plan. The resulf was that 4 SIGs were established and each team presented the Action plan. The following SIGs were established:

– Materials Development;
– Newly Qualified Teachers;
– Teacher Training;
– Young Learners

The Branch has implemented projects on the above SIGs and now it was time to establish these SIGs for further improvement and sustainability of the projects impelented or under implementation.

Khalida Aliyeva, Vafa Maharramova and Catherine Thompson, ELT professional gave presentations after the discussions. The members had also an opportunity to socialise and share experiences, information in an informal way over tea and lunch break.

All in all, it was a very productive meeting.

Ganja Branch News Bulletin

Now AzETA branches initiate to issue their own News Bulletins. Click below to download the two issues of the Ganja Branch News Bulletin. Gunay Mammadova is the Editor-in-Chief of the News Bulletin. Please contact her if you have any comments, suggestions or even articles to place in the next issue of the Ganja Branch News Bulletin. As they are new in this business, they will need your professional comments, suggestions for improving future issues.

News Bulletin: March – April 2006 

News Bulletin: March – April 2006 

News Bulletin: January – February 2006 

News Bulletin: January – February 2006 

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