AzETA branches often have study tours to their sister branches.

English teachers from Qazakh recently approached AzETA Executive Board with the request of establishing AzETA branch in Qazakh. Considering active role of the English teachers in Qazakh, this request was accepted positively and probation period was given to the teachers.

During the probation period AzETA Goygol branch members visited Qazakh on 2 June 2018. The aim was to build relations and share experiences. 6 members of AzETA Goygol Branch Management team joined the visit.

Tahira Khasmammadova, English teacher from Qazakh welcomed the guests and talked about the work of the English teachers of the region and support to the teachers by the local authorities.

Saadet Hasanova, Goygol Branch Manager thanked Qazakh teachers to host them and for being open to co-operation.

At the end Tahira Khasmammadova gave a workshop on Classroom management.