AzETA Goygol Branch was establised on November 4, 2012. The Branch Office is located at Secondary School #4 in Goygol.

The Manager of the Branch Saadet Hasanova (

Branch activities:

Members of the Branch comprise from different subject teachers. They are: History, Primary, Chemistry, English teachers. The members of the Branch gather 2 times a month.They discuss different methods of teaching English through training courses, workshops.

Branch Management team develops annual Action Plan for the Academic Year every September.

Seminars by Dr Erdem Soylemez

On 24 March 2016 Dr Erdem Soylemez, Founder and Director of ES Akademi, Turkey visited Goygol and gave a seminar for AzETA members of AzETA Goygol Branch. The title of the seminar was: “Teacher-student relations”.

AzETA Goygol Branch members actively participate in AzETA events in different regions of Azerbaijan. They give workshops at AzETA conferences, visit branches to learn from best practices to manage Goygol Branch better and to serve members better.


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