AzETA South Branch represents English teachers in the southern regions of Azerbaijan.

The Lankaran region, far south in Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea which is one of the largest cities in Azerbaijan and a regional hub in the South. The principle goal of the AzETA Branch is to provide support for English teachers with more frequent professional development training, as well as by providing teaching method materials to use. It was also an educational imperative to establish an AzETA South Branch and join the other AzETA branches.

Today AzETA South Branch unites teachers from Astara, Bilesuvar, Jalilabad, Lenkaran, Masalli. These teachers take an active role in the branch through assisting the management of the branch, giving workshops, organizing seminars, etc.

In early 2011 some active members of the South Branch held negotiations with the management of School #4 and achieved a room for office in the premises of the school. After that they started regular meetings and developed an action plan, sent to AzETA Head Office in Baku. They closely co-operate with teachers to improve their teaching skills, as well as, organizational management skills.

South Branch closely co-operates with the Education Department of Lenkaran.

South Branch has very strong management team consisting of the below members who work on a volunteer basis:

Kamala Nasirova – Branch Manager
Naila Latifova – Branch Deputy Manager
Irada Mammadova –Membership Co-ordinator and Treasurer
Narmin Gasimova – Branch Librarian
Aynur Akhundova – Branch Secretary

During these years AzETA South Branch organized different events and conferences . The most remarkable ones were “Open Houses” (2008), 1st Regional Conference (1998), 11th International Conference (2015), seminars by Dr. Erdem Soylemez and workshops by AzETA Executive Board members.

AzETA South Branch closely participated in the most important implemented projects by AzETA which were English Global Products implemented in 2008 – 2016 and English Access Microscholarship Program implemented in 2006 – 2014.

AzETA 11th International Conference

AzETA held its 11th International Conference on 2-3 May 2015 in Lenkaran. 65 teachers from different parts of Azerbaijan joined the Conference. 30 of them made presentations on different topics.

Plenary speakers of the Conference were:
1. Dr Erdem Soylemez, Education Expert, Turkey
2. Dr Stephen Guice, Public Affairs Officer, US Embassy
3. Bill Bowler, Teacher Trainer, Oxford University Press, UK
4. Emily Magaziner, English Language Fellow, US Embassy, Kyiv

Alongside with education and professional aspect of the conference, there was also anentertainment element in the programme where the representatives of AzETA branches made cultural presentations to make the conference unforgettable in many ways.

If you want to follow their activities of the Branch you can also visit their Facebook page at “AzETA South Branch”.




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