This SIG (Special Interest Group) is for the members interested in different tests, ways of assessing learners’ knowledge. The Group was re-established in January 2013 after the training by Dr Erdem Soylemez, Education Expert of Turkey during his visit to Azerbaijan on 26 December 2012 – 4 January 2013. 14 teachers on different subjects from different regions of Azerbaijan attended the training.



After the training Dr Soylemez had online discussions with the Group members to give them feedback on the tests they developed.

During his visit to Azerbaijan on 14-31 March 2013, Dr Soylemez had a meeting with the AzETA Testing and Assessment SIG members on 15-16 March to discuss the tests designed and next steps. Designed tests were discussed with all members of the Group. The Group members were assigned to design 10 test questions of each subject that were represented in the Group and come together again on 30 March to discuss them further.

On 30 March the Group members came together with some new members joined the Group on different subjects. Initially, Dr Soylemez welcomed new members to the Group, explained the aim of the Group and responsibilities of the Group members. Then Group members discussed the tests they had designed.

At the end Ragsana Mammadova, AzETA Founder & Executive Director discussed next steps. Ziya Mirzayev was appointed Group Co-ordinator. Namig Mammadov and Parvana Talibova were appointed Assistant Co-ordinators. Naila Hasanova was appointed External Relations Co-ordinator.

The Group Executive Committee was assigned to develop their Action Plan which will cover the work to be done by the end of December 2013. The Committee was also tasked to compile the designed tests and prepare them for initial publication to present at the AzETA 10th International ELT Conference to be held on 22-23 June 2013. Group Co-ordinator will also make a presentation at the Conference to promote the Group, as well as, to report to the Conference about the work of the Group and future plans.

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